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Black Adam Trailer

You know I’ve never been kind to DC and while some of it may be justified I have to admit the newest trailer for Black Adam looks fantastic. Coming this

Interview with SheSparkz @Dreamhack2022

We hit the ground running at Dreamhack 2022 in Dallas,Texas. Our first interview was with Taalia Hess and Zabracus of a new group SheSparkz. Their mission statement, "SheSparkz is uniting

Alternate Heads 50: Star Wars Celebration and Fortnite Victory Royale

Jason and Nate are back to talk some toys on this Alternate Heads Episode 50. The boys are talking Star Wars Celebration, what's going on with Fortnite Victory Royale, and

Andor Series Teaser Trailer

Star Wars Celebration is in full swing and you can expect the news to be coming fast and furious. That’s a different franchise but you can bet I’m here to

Willow TV Series Trailer

The nostalgia train is leaving the station and you need to get onboard because after 34 years we’re finally getting a sequel to the 1988 movie Willow. Now if you

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